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Test 2 Study Guide

Test 2 Study Guide - MSE Test 2 Study Guide Number...

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MSE Test 2 Study Guide Number Densities Linear Number Density Corner: ½ Face: 1 Planar Number Density Corner: ¼ Edge: ½ Volumetric Number Density Corner: ¼ Face: 1 Closest Packed Planes and Directions o Simple cubic: CN = 6, 52% o Body-centered cubic: CN = 8, 68% o Hexagonal close-packed: CN = 12, 74%, AB o Face centered-cubic: CN = 12, 74%, ABC Single Crystal, Polycrystal, and Amorphous Structures o Single crystal: any solid object in which an orderly three-dimensional arrangement of the atoms, ions, or molecules is repeated throughout the entire volume. o Polycrystal: solids that are composed of many crystals of varying size and orientation o Amorphous structures: a disordered arrangement of atoms Polymorphism o The ability of a solid material to exist in more than one form or crystal structure o SiO 2 is polymorphic – it has several crystal structures besides being a glass (non-crystalline material or amorphous material) o Carbon Diamond, graphite, nanotubes, graphene X-Ray Diffraction o Method to determine crystal structures or identifying materials using the available database o For diffraction to occur: The sum of (h + k + l) must be even in BCC structures
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All h, k, l, must be even or odd in FCC structures o Bragg’s Law: o Imperfections in Solids o Point Defects (0-dimensional) Vacancy: the absence of an atom Interstitial: an extra atom where there shouldn’t be one Self interstitial Impurity interstitial Substitutional interstitial Substitutional o Schottky Defects Electrically neutral cation-anion vacancy clusters that occur on both sublattices The number of Schottky defects depends on the compound
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Test 2 Study Guide - MSE Test 2 Study Guide Number...

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