Exam I - 1 E200) D Exam I arne . Gri MAf!.[)r Spring 2011...

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arne Gri E200) D Exam I . Spring 2011 MAf!.[)r SOLt1rtcrJ.s. Student umber ----------------- 1 (18 points) I. Draw the following planes and directions in a cubic unit cell. Ifnecessary you may designate a new origin but make sure to label it. -:c [00 I] [ 113] ~ of-":JI. .K" 7-,-~ __ ---Y It-- - [102] - (11 0) ~ I -I -"" I I "'-' (101) --1 l,oC l - [0 II] I ...L - \ / 2. ) - (111)<-9 I -1 I \ )
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(20 points) 2. Fill in the blanks (a) Directional sharing of electrons occurs in CoVa/e. .V1t bQ">;\dC)~/hile transfer of electrons occurs in (O~ 'c. b~. Van der Waals forces control bonding between -h~rv.r/.rtJ or f. C7yf4JA. ipoles. ~I (b) List at least si: directions in the <213> family [213] ) Lt3Z.] I [12-3J., L I 32J ) ) ) (c) What is the stacking arrangement difference between hcp A5AB and simple hexagonal? APt- A . (d) arne the t\ 0 possible Bravais lattices for the tetragonal unit cell: (i) _s__ C- _ (i i) b cC . I nd icate the values for lattice constants (a, b and c) Cc =- b .:::f C and the angles (a, ~ and yO) 01. .::: ~::: t - '10"~ (e) What is the smallest coordination number needed to generate a three-dimensional crystalline solid? ~ Thermoset polymers are held together by two types of bonds. Withinthechain? COila. {e:,vt-r Acrossthechains? cova.le. .l\t ~What are the elements that make up 1110stpolymers C I 0 I H (rile~on three). (f)
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Exam I - 1 E200) D Exam I arne . Gri MAf!.[)r Spring 2011...

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