Exam IV - MSE2001D Exam IV pring 2011 Nmne ~ _...

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MSE2001D Exam IV pring 2011 Nmne ~__ O~L~U~VJ~~~O~~~=- SrudentNumber _ I. (20 pIS) Match the correct pairs A. hypoeutectoid B. hypereutectoid C. proeutectoid D. ferrite E. cementite F. pearlite G. austenite H. fracture toughness I. yield strength J. Charpy Impact Test K. S-N curves L. Four-point bend test M. Cold working N. Indentation test O. Tempering P. Annealing Q. Viscoelasticity R. Viscosity S. Creep T. Static fatigue \-\ low in brittle materials ~ used to determine the strength of a ceramic Q unique t~()r~·c. 5 time dependent strain -.:L occurs in the presence of water G forms above the eutectoid temperature tI\ used to increase dislocation density ~ used to relieve stresses in steels ~ change in fluidity with temperature -..b. .. steel containing < 0.77% C K used to determine hardness J used to measure impact resistance B steel containing> 0.77% C .IL bee-iron I low in ductile materials -.£ mixture of ferrite and iron carbide :r: low in ductile materials G fee-iron ~ used to determine fatigue t= iron carbide 2. (J 1 pIS) Fill in the blanks or state whether true or false L_l (a) The linear portion of the stress-strain curve is governed by \--\oo~.s law. (b) Elastic deformation occurs by (sliding, stretching, breaking) ~:'hekc. .\V:r'\EJatomic bonds while plastic deformation occurs by \)r-e~ atomic bonds. (c)
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Exam IV - MSE2001D Exam IV pring 2011 Nmne ~ _...

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