Chapter Notes 1-3

Chapter Notes 1-3 - bers Base ): flax, hemp, jute, meshta,...

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Unformatted text preview: bers Base ): flax, hemp, jute, meshta, ramie a, cantala, henequen, istle, maqueu, sisal on, kapok ase ca, camel, cashmere, llama, mohair, vicuna ep ase chrysotile Fiber Type Moisture Regain Strength Elongation Length Other Properties Cotton 7.5-8.5% 23.4-36.0 g/tex 4.0-9.0% 22-32 mm Diameter: 16 microns 60% used domestically, 40% exported 98% Upland Strength increases when moisture is added Good moisture absorption, strength and elongation, shape, luster, resiliency, and dimensional stability Flax (Linen) 12% 54.0 g/tex Low 300-500mm Oldest known fiber Grown in Europe High natural luster High stiffness coefficient equating to low elasticity, flexibility, and elongation Draperies, upholstery, industrial fabrics Grown in the USA as a seed Polyester 0.5% 3.0-4.0 g/denier +6.0 g/denier 40-50% 20-35% Any length desirable Can be made into any denier and cut length desired Lack of moisture absorbency makes polyester not as comfortable Common in blends to combine multiple properties Home furnishings, industrial fabrics, and automotive applications Rayon 14% 1.5-2.4 g/denier 3.5-5.5 g/denier 6.5-30% 1.0-3.0 denier Manufactured from regenerated cellulose (wood pulp and cotton linters) Spinnerette governs the fibers denier and coagulating chemicals govern tenacity Loses strength when wet Low elastic recovery Used in fabrics for apparel and home furnishings Blends Acrylics < 2% 2.5-3.0 g/denier2....
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Chapter Notes 1-3 - bers Base ): flax, hemp, jute, meshta,...

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