core 2 rough draft - To: Ms. Rhonda Nelson From: Sara Beg...

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To: Ms. Rhonda Nelson From: Sara Beg Date: October 14, 2010 Re: ENC 1102/Section 09, Core 2/Body Image Body image is an issue of today’s world, with obesity and eating disorders (anorexia or bulimia nervosa, for example) on opposite ends of the spectrum. One cause may be that people these days are bombarded with images of people who not only look healthy but lean with muscles or curves in the right places: in short, perfect. Different body types should be represented equally in modern media rather than creating an ideal by setting one body type above the rest, however more research is required to see if this would be a proper solution. Because of a lack of a positive body image, many teens and young adults, both male and female, end up suffering from eating disorders. In turn, eating disorders often result in infertility for women, illness, and even death. It is a problem that should interest parents, middle and high school teachers, guidance counselors, and those in the magazine, television, and fashion industries. Parents, teachers, and guidance counselors should be interested because they interact with teens and young adults as part of their daily routine, any number of whom may suffer from negative body image. Those in the magazine, television, and fashion industries, however, have control over what others, including these same teens and young adults, see on magazine covers, television ads and billboards, and on the runway, and if they keep showcasing thinner models with the exact same body type, that becomes the ideal that viewers aspire to, no matter how impossible. In truth, many of these models and celebrities do not look like that themselves; thanks to Photoshop, they are able to control how people see them. Significance The issue of body image is a significant one because it affects both genders, though primarily female, in the community. With today’s increasing emphasis on health and outward appearance, the pressure to look “good” in accordance with society’s norms also increases. Since it is difficult for many to lose weight quickly and in such a way that they will resemble the Photoshopped celebrities they see everywhere, those desperate enough to attain that ideal look
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core 2 rough draft - To: Ms. Rhonda Nelson From: Sara Beg...

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