Climate Cycle - Human sources ~ 30 billion tons/year...

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Climate Cycle Human activity, starting about 8,000 years ago has been altering the climate cycle The likely cause is the advent of agriculture and the clearing of forests. The rise in methane is linked to rice cultivation and domestication of livestock. CO2 We have very good data on the natural range of CO2 during the past glaciations from the ice bubbles. An aside on natural sources of CO2 We passed the maximum natural range about 1900…. At that point fossil fuels were only a fraction of total human carbon input Atmosphere ~ 600 billion tons CO2 Plants ~ 600 billion tons Volcanoes ~ 0.2 billion tons/year
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Unformatted text preview: Human sources ~ 30 billion tons/year Methane Even more extreme story with Methane. We were outside the natural range well before the industrial revolution Human sources are about double all natural sources Methane accounts for about 16% of the total greenhouse-gas effect. Remember, the whole pre-industrial atmosphere had about 600 gigatons of carbon. Right now we are adding over 8 gigatons/year, mostly from fossil fuels Things like sunspots, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, the Southern Oscillation, volcanic eruptions and many more, do effect short-term temperatures....
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Climate Cycle - Human sources ~ 30 billion tons/year...

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