Occam's Razor and Copernicus

Occam's Razor and Copernicus - Studied Greek mathematics...

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Occam’s Razor On seeing the complexity of the Ptolemaic epicycles, Alfonso X (el Sabio) is said to have remarked…. . "If the Lord Almighty had consulted me before embarking on creation thus, I should have recommended something simpler." Among competing theories, the best theory is the simplest theory-that is, the one with the fewest assumptions. With better observations more problems with the Ptolemaic model became apparent…. .and created more complex fixes (harmonic spheres, etc). Copernicus Polish scientist and founder of our modern view of the solar system. His uncle was a Bishop and got him a position as Canon of Frauenburg Cathedral (which he held for the rest of this life) He attended various Universities in Poland and Italy from 1491-1505
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Unformatted text preview: Studied Greek, mathematics, canon law, medicine, and astronomy Made astronomical observations all his life His observations made it clear that Ptolemy theory did not work very well His solution was to put the Sun at the center. The math was much simpler and the results much better The Sun was at the center of the solar system The stars were very distant Earth orbits like any other planet Inferior planet orbits are smaller Retrograde motion occurs when we “lap” Mars & the other superior planets The annual cycle of the Sun is caused by the Earth’s orbit He started circulating his ideas in 1514 but did not publish until 1543 Which was also when he died The publication was supervised by a friend who inserted a preface …. ....
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Occam's Razor and Copernicus - Studied Greek mathematics...

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