Crop Circles - using a four-foot-long plank attached to a...

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Crop Circles Patterns created by the flattening of crops such as wheat, barley…. Thought by some to be evidence of: Flying saucer landings Ball lightning Plasma vortices Tornados Skeptics note a correlation between crop circles and the absence of fencing. In 1996 a circle appeared near Stonehenge and the farmer set up a booth and charged a fee. He collected £30,000 in four weeks. The value of the crop had it been harvested was probably about £150…… A 2000 study into circles concluded that at least 80% of UK circles were definitely man-made Origins: Two men from Southampton, England conceived the idea as a prank at a pub near Winchester, Hampshire during an evening in 1976. Doug Bower and Dave Chorley made their crop circles using planks, rope, and wire as their only tools:
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Unformatted text preview: using a four-foot-long plank attached to a rope, they easily created circles . The two men were able to make a 40-foot (12 m) circle in 15 minutes. Bower's wife had become suspicious of him, noticing high levels of mileage in their car. Fearing that his wife suspected him of adultery, Bower confessed to her and subsequently he and Chorley informed a British national newspaper. Early designs were simple circular patterns Crop circles now have fine intricate detail, regular symmetry and careful composition. Elements of three-dimensionality became more frequent, culminating in spectacular images of cube-shaped structures....
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Crop Circles - using a four-foot-long plank attached to a...

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