Ancient Astronomy Cont - Star catalogue(Hipparchus...

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Ancient Astronomy Cont. Eratosthenes (276 - 195 BC) He measured the circumference of the Earth. The Sun is at the zenith in the city of Syene at noon on the summer solstice. But at the same time in Alexandria, it is 7 from the zenith. Eratosthenes inferred that Alexandria was 7 of latitude north of Syene. The distance between the two cities is 7/360 times the Earth’s circumference. His result of 42,000 km is very close to the right number: 40,000 km. Claudius Ptolemy (AD 100-170) Almagest (The Great Treatise)
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Unformatted text preview: Star catalogue (Hipparchus), instruments A theory (model) of the motions of planets, Sun, Moon (Handy Tables) Based on Babylonian observations, preserved by Arabs, translated into Latin in 12th century Also wrote books on Geography and Astrology Geocentric Model Earth is at center Sun orbits Earth Planets orbit on small circles whose centers orbit the Earth on larger circles the small circles are called epicycles This explained retrograde motion...
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Ancient Astronomy Cont - Star catalogue(Hipparchus...

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