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Gravity Newton made some simple observations based on his understanding of motion. “A body remains stationary or moves in a straight line unless a force acts on it” If a pen drops out of your hand, there HAS TO BE a force acting on that pen. Newton watched the Moon orbiting the Earth. It is in orbit it is moving in (essentially) a circle Therefore…. force HAS TO BE acting on it to deflect it from a straight line. If you know the force HAS TO EXIST, then you can calculate what its strength has to be…. About 1/3600 of the force of gravity on the Earth’s surface.
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Unformatted text preview: Other fact: Moon was about 60 times farther from the CENTER OF THE EARTH than the Earth’s surface So the force on the Moon was 1/3600 as strong as the force acting on you at the surface of the Earth…. . He concluded that the force of the Earth’s gravity decreases by 1/r2. The inverse square of distance That is how gravity (and other fundamental forces) work, their intensity decreases by the inverse square of distance. This is called the INVERSE SQUARE LAW...
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