Mars vs Earth - If the ratio of out gassed N to CO2 was the...

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Mars vs. Earth 50% Earth’s radius, 10% Earth’s mass 1.5 A.U from the Sun Axis tilt about the same as Earth. Similar rotation period. Orbit is more elliptical than Earth’s: seasons more extreme in the south than the north. Thin CO2 atmosphere: little greenhouse Liquid water can not exist on Mars today. temperatures below freezing air pressure too low Dry river channels in southern highlands heavily cratered terrain (> 3 billion years old) Some craters are eroded. implies rainfall crater lakes Let’s look at the Mars atmosphere The Martian ratio of 15N/14N is about 1.6 times Earth’s
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UV breaks up N2 molecules at the top of an atmosphere, and the lighter stuff is more likely to escape BUT…to get this ratio would require the loss of 90% of the nitrogen originally in the atmosphere.
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Unformatted text preview: If the ratio of out gassed N to CO2 was the same as Earth’s, then the original Mars atm was about 2 bars Now southern winter. Cold….average -20C Dry….no standing surface water Very dusty Thin atmosphere 6 millibars at surface About as dense as the middle of Earth’s stratosphere (~25 km altitude) No protection from hard radiation About ¼ of the atmosphere condenses on the South polar cap during Liquid water could exist temporarily with today’s temperatures and air pressures…in a flash flood! Underground water seeps out to form erosion gullies these gullies were observed on a crater wall at their size, sandstorms would cover them in few million yrs such floods have occurred within the last few million years Or in the last few years…. ....
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Mars vs Earth - If the ratio of out gassed N to CO2 was the...

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