Water on Mars - Axial tilt = 25.2 degrees Past orbits Axial...

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Water on Mars We can calculate a water budget of Mars…. . total H2O in present polar ice caps + total H20 in atmosphere + total H20 lost to space Accounts for only 10% emitted by degassing About 90% of Martian water is stored as underground ice Current orbit Eccentricity = 0.093 Orbital extremes: 1.65 AU to 1.38 AU
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Unformatted text preview: Axial tilt = 25.2 degrees Past orbits Axial tilt can vary between 15-40 degrees, perhaps as much as 0.2-51.5 degrees Eccentricity can vary between 0 and 0.13 This could cause major changes in atmospheric pressure.perhaps pushing pressures up to 3-4 times current levels...
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