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Getting Squirrely - male squirrels are like other animals...

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In the "Getting Squirrely" essay, the authors main focus was to explore and research to enhance his or her's understanding about the red squirrel. The author developed a piece that was coherent and connected to three main ideas, behavior, intelligence, and personality to explain how squirrels act. The writer used several differen sources to gather research upon each broad topic and narrowed it down to family roles and responsibilities, the actions they take to survive, physical attributes to help them collect for winter months and battle for territory and behavioral differences between captivity and wilderness. The research and personal experiences integrated into the piece, helped developed a solid piece that not only provided strong support but also revealed the author's knowledge about the topic. A weakness in the piece was the lack of explanation of the males role in the family. The author describes how the female will gather the food and seek territory but fails to explain what the male does to support the family or if
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Unformatted text preview: male squirrels are like other animals who are only needed to help reproduce. I believe that with further research in that subcategory, the author could have outlined a better understanding on squirrel behavior. This essay was a solid piece to reflect what an exploratory essay should demonstrate and was able to outline various topics while keeping it coherent and connected. This piece revealed how a large topic can be narrowed down, yet still provide all the details necessary to write a solid paper. I believe that this piece was much better than the "Polygamy" piece we recently read. In comparison, this piece transistioned smoothly from one category to the next and provided quality information with support on the red squirrel while using personal experiences; while the other piece was more rambled and seemed bias, this piece did not have a sense of bias....
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