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Inquiry Proposal - The Field of Inquiry that I will be...

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The Field of Inquiry that I will be researching and writing about for the semester will be on Al Capone, a notorious gang member who ruled during the Prohibition era. This interest aroused off the desire to enhance my knowledge on the Mafia and how that group was able to control the people and cities they occupied, like a second form of a government. To narrow down such a broad topic, I decided to learn more about one of the most feared mobsters in history. My previous knowledge is that he ruled in Chicago and controlled the bootlegging business, the illegal selling and possession of alcohol. I want to learn how Capone gained his power, where and what his background was that enabled him to become the leader that he was, his motives for becoming a mobster, the public's role to his quest for power, how he was able to gain political power, why the government was incapable of stopping them sooner, and why he was finally brought down. To begin my research, I will first seek information on his childhood that led him to develop into the man that he became. After understanding his base, it will either branch off to seeking his incentives for dropping out of school or what experience altered his life to participate in the mob crew. With that, I will be able to connect his youth to his adaptation or continuation into the realm of crime and violence. Also, I would search for any abuse by parents or family members that could have turned him to adapt aggressive behavior and what was happening in America during that time period. Then, I would search for his initial acts with his group and how or what he had to do to be accepted, and their significance, power, and influence in that city at that time. I would follow that by finding out which acts led to their eventual complete control and
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Inquiry Proposal - The Field of Inquiry that I will be...

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