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The piece began with a story to draw the reader in and progressed into how the Fundamentalist Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) became relevant in society today. It describes how funerals for them can easily have an attendance rate of thousands, a belief of support for one another. Unknown to the majority of Americans, they were brought into the news after an alleged incident of sexual and physical abuse. It then develops into one man's style of living to the original principal and how the community operates. After that, it jumps to the ex- leader who is currently in jail for marrying a minor and rape. It continues to describe rules of the religion and how women have power yet are isolated. To finish the article, the author tells a story about a woman who was separated from her children and only allowed to have them back if she renounced polygamy, she did and then retreated back into the community in Colorado and was more committed than ever. This article failed to form a cohesive and solid piece that
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