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Reflection 1 - The main topic of the Reflection for Friday...

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The main topic of the Reflection for Friday September 10th of 2010 was on how to use the Albertson’s Library research engine. We began by covering the different ways we could search for information on our topics whether it be through an article, book, newspaper, or journal. By narrowing down what specific source of research tool to look for, we can find information on our topic in a faster, more efficient way. If the general search engine was too broad, we could narrow it down even more by using the advanced search engine, enabling us to specifically search for a piece of document, an author, or even a time period. The search engine shows us where we can locate that file whether through a pdf, in the Albertson’ Library, another library, or online. A majority of the writings found can be instantly accessed through a pdf file allowing us to work straight out of our homes. Another way to access books is through interlibrary loans. This program allows us to rent books from a different library and have it shipped to us directly. By having this research tool, we can broaden our sources, which will give us more fact and support to develop a more solid piece of writing. In addition to those tools, we went over how to find help. The librarians will walk us through the library showing us the various locations to track down our book and how to check it out. Also, if we needed help while we are at home, we can now contact them via text message and through instant messaging 24/7. Although it is highly unlikely that we will need to text or instant message for help late at night, it is a reassuring tool to have if the situation ever arises. We can place a hold on a book online before picking it up as well. With the ability to basic and advance search, utilize interlibrary loans and place online holds we have all the tools we need to gather the necessary facts to writ a solid paper and if we ever are confused or need help, the librarians are very knowledgeable and helpful. For this weekend we are asked to go find three sources, one from an article, another through a website,
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Reflection 1 - The main topic of the Reflection for Friday...

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