Unit 3 - Have you ever had the urge to engage in an...

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Have you ever had the urge to engage in an enthralling act of illegal mischief? When I watched Uncle Jesse in the "Dukes of Hazzard," I did not see him as immoral and unlawful for running an illegal business. He lived a moral life and was a hard working man who provided for his niece and nephews but needed the additional income of selling moonshine to pay his debt. He placed no one in harm and found a means to provide for his family and to keep his farm. Was the consumption of alcohol truely wrong? World War I left the country in a position for revolution, economically and politically. The passing of the 18th Amendment altered a custom for the Americans and as a result, the birth of a culture blossomed and assisted in the industrialization of the United States. Was the icon of the swinging 20's the leader who corrupted these innocent civilians or was he merely a man living the American Dream? Although he may have represented sin and lawlessness, Capone altered the 1920's and generated a mentality of personal ambition and success among individuals which led to the evolution of an industrialized nation. Al Capone operated the largest alcohol business in the country and made a fortune from providing this illegal service, however, he promoted business ideals, he promoted a lifestyle, and he promoted personal advancement. During the war, the US desperately needed an advancement in technology. There was a significant shortage in laborers and the development of newer, more effiecient machines would enable businesses to mass produce. This created a cycle which led to higher production, higher wages, and more demand for consumer goods (Schultz). This cycle created more business and led to innovations on machinary and products, which required meetings amongst businessmen. When Prohibition passed, the speakeasies became a common location for these business meetings, it was a neutral location that provided an enjoyable atmosphere. By providing a
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location for these businessmen to meet, alcohol became a custom in discussing business contracts and new ideas. Although it was illegal, these establishments were providing an opportunity for people to promote new ideas for their companies which would assist in stimulating the economy. Capone may not have directly altered the policies of the federal government on business, but by creating a culture for businessmen, he was encouraging them to create new partnerships and share ideas among one another to develop a more efficient system. The advancement of machinary required the workers to learn a new trade and more high quality jobs were created as a result and led to higher wages. This created a shift from the traditional culture of rural jobs to urban jobs. The White House was also in support of the business attitude that developed during the 1920's.
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Unit 3 - Have you ever had the urge to engage in an...

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