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Step 1 Management: I know very little about management. I found out that Brian Moynihan is the CEO and started in 2009 and worked for BAC since 2004. Management deals with what services are offered and how it will be provided. Sector: Financial Economic Factors: Recession, increase or decrease in unemployment, more business loans, more
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Unformatted text preview: mortgages, global economic stability. Competition: Better quality and balance sheet. Risk: Amount of debt, stability of economy. Step 2 Earnings: Global economic stability EPS: BAC: -.30 JPM: 3.37 C: -.34 Step 3 and 4 Net Income: BAC: JPM: C: Gross Margin: BAC: JPM: C: P/S Ratio: BAC: 13.15 JPM:3.75 C: 3.91...
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