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JRLC5040 Notes

JRLC5040 Notes - -US Supreme Court judge issues a warning...

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JRLC5040: Class notes 8/26 Current News (NYTimes.com) ** CIA demands cuts in book about 9/11 and terror fight - Process of free public review - CIA secrecy obligation for life - Must submit the information that you want to release/publish at time as agent for prepublication review Pg. 75: Snepp “Fair Game” - Blacked out section - CIA has power to review and if justified, prevent publication The only ways government can restrain free speech prior to publication (prior restraint) 1. Military secrecy review 2. Prepublication agreement a. As a CIA employee, you can access to classified information State action & judicial order: - Officer of the government - Restrict press - From access and disseminate information Shelly v. Kraemer (1948): restrictive covenance on race and selling property - Civil rights case - White man sold house to black family that sues the private homeowners’ association for saying they can’t live there because they are black - The family took the association to court and it became a federal case
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Unformatted text preview: -US Supreme Court judge issues a warning and the state has the power to resolve dispute-Disputes between private parties become state action when they go to court-Restrictive covenance (neighborhood review/restrictive control to better community)-Violations court, state judge enforce restrictive covenance Disputes can be settled in court or through arbitration -Private way without the government-No state action-The ruling by a court is state action when private parties enter court-Example of arbitration: a church can excommunicate members as private action and withou the government to do so Government has outlawed private discrimination (restaurants, hotels, airplanes, etc.)-Illegal to segregate in area of interstate commerce-Racially restrictive clauses-The government can interfere with private organizations in some ways State action can be appealed...
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