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SPCM4900 Notes 14 - o More choices better features more...

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4/21/11 E-Commerce - The use of any electronic technology in any aspect of commercial activity (Steinfield, 1999) - i.e., the use of a set of technologies, applications, and business processes that link businesses, consumers, and community ; for buying, selling, and delivering products and services for integrating and optimizing processes within and between participant entities. B2C E-Commerce - Interactions relating to the purchase and sale of goods and services between a business and consumer—retail transactions. o E.g., shoemaker retailer consumer - “Novelty” is that retail transaction is done on the internet, rather than in a “brick and mortar” store location o E.g., Amazon.com: retailer consumer o E.g., gap.com: shoemaker = retailer consumer - One online website may have integrated different services (Amazon) Benefits to Consumers - Can buy more locations (internet connected terminals), with more choices
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Unformatted text preview: o More choices better features; more competitive price-Sometimes products are less expensive online-More info about the product; informed decision o Greater info enhanced confidence to make a purchase decision; enhanced satisfaction-Quicker delivery )for online products) Benefit to Society-More individuals can work offsite o This decreases HR costs for companies-Less affluent people can buy more an decrease standard of living (though questionable)-Facilities delivery of public services o E.g., water bills online Limitations-Privacy issues o Customer fear of personal info being used wrongly-Security o Vulnerability to fraud and other crimes-Rules and regulations-Lack of trust and user resistance-Other experiential struggles Social Commerce-Groupon.com...
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SPCM4900 Notes 14 - o More choices better features more...

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