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SPCM4900 Notes 12 - knowledge students in memory •...

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3/31/11 Timing - Through repeated exposure, timing persists and might eventually develop as personality - Example: aggressive times recur and it becomes a permanent part of personality - Not all scholars agree with that - By playing viral video games become aggressive - Experiments- artificial setting data not truly reflective of real life (lack of evidence) - Bias with choosing certain types of games (super high aggression ones) o Lack certain types of validity Discussion Questions - Why do you think video games have been trying to reflect the reality more closely? - Do you agree to Perry’s closing thought that video games are not simple entertainment? - Entertainment? - What are the possible impacts of playing video games, especially on adolescents and college students? Computer Game Violence on Aggression - General aggression model (GAM, Anderson & Bushman) - Aggression geared by activation and application of aggression‐related
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Unformatted text preview: knowledge students in memory • Short‐term: priming ‐> aggressive affective state • Long‐term: repeated exposure ‐> personality Empirical findings • Aggressive behavior, affect, cognition, physiological arousal, prosocial behavior • Desensitization effect Game Violence on Aggression: Opposing View & Reconciliation-Causal relationships in real life is not as straightforward as experimental condition-Role of all possible mediating variables: gender, age, personality, etc? Opposite direction of the relationship? Possible reconciliation-Uses and gratifications-Selective exposure-“Downward spiral model” Positive Effects of Serious Games?-Games for learning-Games for health Discussion Questions-What are the unique features of network games (e.g., World of Warcraft) and what would be possible consequences of playing them?...
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SPCM4900 Notes 12 - knowledge students in memory •...

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