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Unformatted text preview: 9-14-2010 Research: The process of finding supporting material for you speech Informative Speech Example 1: criticisms o No attention getter o Misleading introduction o Weak comparison in introduction o Too persuasive Slanted language Not being unbiased/ showing positive aspects of topic o Weak thesis- consider rewriting o Splintered/all over the place (where is the priority/main points) o Parallel not followed throughout the body and badly connected to conclusion o No review statement **Outline example for informative speech in textbook pg. 197 Make sure to cite sources in outline and at the end with a works cited page (4 credible sources) In outline- APA in-text cite (author, year) Turn in copy of grading rubric and outline and works cited at end of outline Topic Selection Examples: Literacy - Narrow location - How do I make this topic relevant to my entire audience Immigration - Where? - Arizona Law - Border fence - Work/Economic Aspects - FOCUS on one aspect and delve deeper George Washington - Pick a person - Biographical approach How-to make a pie - Cook books = source Farm Bill (a specific policy) A holiday - Choose one and talk about 3 aspects of that - History of a holiday or origin of it History of a sport - Issue: not everybody is interested/likes that sport - How to make it pertinent to everyone in the audience - College football o Funding o Rep of university o Aspects that affect all students ...
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