L20- Landscapes and the Environment

L20- Landscapes and the Environment - EOS1004Spotila G...

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GEOS 1004 Spotila                                                                                                                              Lecture 20,       11/17/09 EARTH SURFACE IV: LANDSCAPES AND THE ENVIRONMENT I.     LANDSCAPES     geomorphology = the study of landscapes All landscapes can be grouped into two classes: 1) Constructional-  shaped by deposition 2) Destructional - shaped by erosion. Destructional landscapes are most of the subaerial surface The difference is somewhat artificial, since constructional features erode too. What is  an example of a feature that is both? A sandune —eroding on one side, deposition on the other, a glacier marane erosion = transport of mass by surface processes Before erosion, there must be weathering to reduce size and enable transport. weathering = physical and chemical breakdown of rocks; fragmentation. Types of erosion 1 ) rivers and streams- common, powerful (fluvial_ 2) mass wasting 3) glacial 4) coastal - uncommon, powerful 5) wind- uncommon, weak How does each process of erosion vary, in terms of how widespread  it is, and in terms of how  powerful  it is? What shapes most of the land surface? Which is the most powerful overall? Fluvial (relating to rivers) - grand canyon Coast erosion - wave action, very powerful, narrow tiny area shaped by processes Wind- ventefact, kind of moves sound around, least powerful, can create a desert pavement Mass Wasting : Rocks are collapsing under their own weight-- Rock or sediment moving downhill, driven by gravity, without any transport medium (i.e. doesn’t require water). Occurs when gravity exceeds the strength of the material.
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L20- Landscapes and the Environment - EOS1004Spotila G...

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