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Mid Term 1 Review

Mid Term 1 Review - Philosophy 1304 Morality and Justice...

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Philosophy 1304 Morality and Justice Spring 2010 Midterm Review Sheet General advice: Don’t forget to bring a blue book to class. These are available at the VT bookstores. Don’t forget to put your name on the blue book and on the exam sheet, and to turn both in at the end of the exam. Be sure to indicate which response goes with which question by numbering your responses to match the question number. You don’t need to put your responses in the same order as the questions, but you do need to make it clear which question you’re answering. Don’t underestimate the importance of gathering your thoughts before writing. For the shorter questions in Part I, this means taking just a minute or two to think through your answer before writing. For the longer question in Part II, this may require a little bit more time. In each case it will help you present your response clearly and concisely and will generally enable you to perform better on the exam. Feel free, if you’d like, to jot down notes to yourself that are not part of your answer. If you indicate this you can use them as an aid and they won’t affect your grade. Time management can be important. As a general guideline, you should plan to spend about 8- 10 minutes on each question from Part I and about 15-20 minutes on Part II. I also recommend taking a few minutes at the outset to read through all of the questions and figure out which ones you plan to answer. Style and organization are less important in responses for the exam than in papers. Your primary aims should be to express yourself as clearly as possible and to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the material as well as (in Part II) an ability to engage with the ideas presented and discussed in class. Be sure to stick to the question, but be as thorough as possible in answering it. Even if everything you say is correct, you may not get full credit if you have left out important details or failed to address the entire question. 1
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Structure of the exam: In Part I you’ll need to answer any three out of four questions. There is no extra credit for answering more than three – only the first three responses will be graded. Each question in this part is worth 20% of your grade, and the section as a whole is worth 60%. The questions are designed to test your mastery of the material from class. Generally speaking, you should be able to provide an excellent answer in one long paragraph or several short paragraphs, but this will depend partly on your writing style. Here is a sample question from Part I: What is Kant’s Formula of Humanity? Provide examples of something that would be ruled out by the Formula of Humanity and something that would be permitted by the Formula of Humanity. In each case, explain the example. (Why is it ruled out or permitted?) In Part II you will need to answer one of two questions. There is no extra credit for answering both – only the first response will be graded. This part is worth 40% of your grade. The
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Mid Term 1 Review - Philosophy 1304 Morality and Justice...

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