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Why does Levi relate Auschwitz to an experiment? Emerging were new standards of how long a person could go without food, how much work they could put up with, and how much pain they could take All conducted within a setting that stripped them of their dignity and rights The experiment created a new society, one within the camp itself Pg. 130 (Quote about selections and humanity) Struggle for existence due to Overpopulation and starvation o Pg. 16 (There were twelve goods wagons…)
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Unformatted text preview: o Pg. 88 (The struggle for life…) • Natural Selection o Pg. 81 (There are some….) o Pg. 86 (Theft in camp is considered by…) o Pg. 88 (And if someone….) o Pg. 19 (In less than 10 minutes…) Individualism • Individual Survival o Pg. 88 (In the Lager things are different….) • Selection o Pg. 130 (Does Kuhn not understand that….) Shows loss of humanity Levi’s Survival • Pg. 180 (I insist there was no general rule…)...
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