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The notion in Germany was that Hitler had assumed responsibility for all actions Crimes of war focus on an individual legal responsibility Societies laws determine what is right and wrong The individual is ultimately responsible for their choices and actions When you make a choice you are setting a principle or standard for the rest of mankind that you expect them to follow (as a judge) o Morality is universal Anguish and existentialism o Sarte, paragraph 11 o Humans have total responsibility for themselves o You have to choose an act without proof of correctness or the value of your decisions Abandonment o Sarte, paragraph 13 o Morals should come from common values rather than religious beliefs Forlornness o Sarte, paragraph 13 o If god didn’t exist men and women would have nothing to depend upon, no one to blame our actions on and no one to judge us
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Unformatted text preview: Despair o Sarte, paragraph 17 o Only focus on the actions that directly affect you Liberty vs. Freedom o Liberty- able to make your own decisions as long as they dont affect the liberty of others o Freedom- surrendering to the rules of a group, loss of individualism Condemned to be Free o Sarte, paragraph 13 o We are thrown into a world where we need to make decision and these decisions allow us to be free John Mill o Women had freedom and men had liberty and autonomy Sartes opinion of liberty is autonomous decision making Sarte argues that we make our own meaning rather than god creating a purpose for us Humans exist and then we define ourselves Descartes said, I think, therefore I am. However Sartes position would have been more like, I am, therefore I think....
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