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position paper - Jon Coleman 3/2/10 Professor Hasegawa On...

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Jon Coleman 3/2/10 Professor Hasegawa On Justifying American Intervention in Korea It is of my opinion that the provocative and reckless military adventure currently being carried out by the armed forces of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea against the independent Republic of Korea is a brazen attempt by the worldwide communist movement to subvert and overthrow free governments. It is thus in the best interests of the United States in terms of national security as well as to protect American interests and allies in the Far East that the American response be strong and without delay. Working within the parameters of the United Nations, the United States must push a resolution to condemn the aggression, investigate possible Soviet and Chinese responsibility for the aggression, and assist the Republic of Korea in fighting to defend their freedom. The price of non-intervention, in the face of such brazen expansionist communism, is simply too high. The message that would be sent to the international community should the United States do nothing would be that America is willing to sell out its allies in order to save their own skins. America would only be committing the same mistakes of the European powers in the 1930’s, essentially selling off nations in the form of appeasement in the hopes of placating expansionist dictators. Every move that America makes will be closely observed by the Soviets, by the Chinese, and by allies also eager to see if America can stand by its rhetoric and truly defend free people in their time of ultimate need. As Paul Nitze outlines in NSC-68; “The fundamental purpose of the United States is to assure the integrity and vitality of our free society, which is founded upon the dignity and worth of the individual” 1 . Threats to freedom abroad will 1 Paul Nitze, NSC-68, April 1950.
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position paper - Jon Coleman 3/2/10 Professor Hasegawa On...

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