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124 - Parents - Parenting...

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Parenting Parenting Styles vs. Parenting Practices? Baumrind’s Parenting Styles: Authoritative Both demanding and responsive Assertive, but not intrusive or restrictive Supportive rather than dogmatic Provide rationales Permissive Nondirective, nontraditional, lenient, don’t require mature behavior More responsive than demanding Avoid confrontation Two types of permissiveness—neglectful and indulgent Authoritarian Demanding and directive, but not responsive Obedience and status-oriented, expect orders to be followed without  explanation Strict regulations and monitoring Impact? Authoritative tends to be best, but depends on type of family (e.g., stepfamily) Inductive messages rather than power assertions 
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Benefits of Authoritative parenting? Enhances children’s social skills Less deviant behavior More peer acceptance
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124 - Parents - Parenting...

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