Lecture5 - 10%ofpopulationlivedincitiesin1900 50%in2000

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10% of population lived in cities in 1900 50% in 2000 population growth and urbanization biggest trends relatively new phenomena the biggest cities are now located in LDCs 3 different categories of using solar energy Lighting o Solar for light directly o We can build buildings that don’t need lights during the day o Lighting takes a lot of energy o Students do better with natural lighting than artificial lighting Heating/Thermal o Water o DHW (domestic hot water) o Heat other fluids that go to a heat exchanger and help heat water for  showers, building heat via radiators o Passive solar Building shading when you don’t want the heat in the  summertime, and allowing for the light to come in during the  winter time Electricity o Photovoltaic panels  Sun strikes solar panel that produces current o Solar towers Steam on a stick Mirrors focused on a tower  Molten salt
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Lecture5 - 10%ofpopulationlivedincitiesin1900 50%in2000

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