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151 - Attachment - AttachmentTheory JohnBowlby

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Attachment Theory John Bowlby-- Attachment Styles =  bonds that we form with others as a result of parenting  practices.  These bonds shape our identity and how to approach relationships Bond with primary parent from birth is our main attachment that is relatively  stable across lifespan (now somewhat questioned) An evolved behavioral system that motivates infants to seek proximity to care- givers in times of distress “Internal working models” Why are attachments important? 1. Secure: Parent      = consistently supportive, available, responsive,  Child     downs, initiate  warm and sociable interactions 2.  Fearful Avoidant (or Anxious Ambivalent): Parent      = negative or disconfirming, rejecting, or even abusive communication;  unpredictable —supportive one minute and unsupportive the next Child      = unworthy of love; others not loving; afraid of commitment—fear that 
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151 - Attachment - AttachmentTheory JohnBowlby

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