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151 - Attraction - Attraction 1.YourPersonalQualities...

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Attraction 1.   Your Personal Qualities Perceptions of rewards o Social Exchange Theory o Perceptions that rewards for interacting with this person outweigh the  costs Expectations o Expectancy Violation Theory o Depends upon valence—if unexpected behavior is perceived as  positive, attraction increases o Esp. true if other person has reward potential Factors That Influence Attraction C.   Demographic characteristics Do men and women view attraction differently? Social Evolutionary Theory o Humans, like mammals, are driven to advance the species  (Darwinism) o Men look for fertile (physically attractive, fit) women to further their  gene pool o Women look for a good provider in men (e.g., commitment, career  potential, personality) o Other findings regarding facial symmetry, fertile cycles o Validity of these findings? D.
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151 - Attraction - Attraction 1.YourPersonalQualities...

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