Emergent Divides

Emergent Divides - 11-29-10Emergent DividesI.Emergent...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-29-10Emergent DividesI.Emergent DividesA. Immigration status and its relationship to basic rights and opportunities-Political participation, economic life, educational opportunities, and family reunificationB. The problem of illegality-Living constantly in the shadow of the law, falling deeper into illegality-Deportation and removalI I. Privileged MigrantsA. The relative ease with which money and wealthy people traverse the world-Effectively, for the wealthy and educated, there is already a system of open borders-The “optional” transnational family, especially among Asian professionalso“Parachute Children”oAffluent children from Asia at American and European universitieso“Pre-migration” SESB. Ethnic economies that link privilege and less privileged immigrants together-An economic chain migration-Skilled, professional families and their access to lower – paid co-ethnics-A Model Minority and an underclass, all within an ethnic groupC. Emergent Conflicts-Labor organizing among low-wage workers in LA-Restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and high rise buildings...
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Emergent Divides - 11-29-10Emergent DividesI.Emergent...

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