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Final Review - 1. After 1990, a greater number of people...

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1. After 1990, a greater number of people are formally "removed" from the United States than ever before. Please explain the set of laws and policies that help explain this trend. - immigration act of 1990 because the tolerance levels were less severe made it so more people were deported A. The Anti-Terrorism Act of 1996 (AEDPA) - Criminal deportation; aggravated felonies and crimes of moral turpitude. Border enforcement B. The Responsibility Act of 1996 (IIRIRA) - “Removal” proceedings - Deportation for any convicted of a crime for which the sentence could be one year - After 1996, anyone with a criminal conviction is ineligible for this form of relief C. In California, about 300,000 persons are under state supervision, about 170,000 in state prisons - About 10% are undocumented aliens, most from Mexico and Central America - “Streamlining” of removal on criminal grounds o Notification D. The circulation of criminal organizations in the Americas - Since 1998, the U.S. has deported 50,000-60,000 aliens to Mexico on criminal grounds, and about 2,000-3,000 aliens to El Salvador on criminal grounds - About 1,000-2,000 Asians have been deported on criminal grounds since 1998 - Resurgence of violence in Mexico and Central American countries, especially in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala E. A “revolving door” - Deportation, illegal entry - The growth in immigration detention prisons F. Re-thinking the costs of deportation policy - Shifting federal funds to Central American governments to fund government to fight gangs
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G. “Mexico under siege” - Marijuana, cocaine, and heroin go north, guns go south - Supply and demand in Mexico and the U.S. President Felipe Calderon in 2006 o Blames Americans as a whole because that’s where the gangs’ drug market is - Hyper-violence and the deportation of Mexican nationals - extended the level of felonies 3. Please explain the essence of Professor Kevin Johnson's arguments in his essay on the intersection of race and class in immigration law enforcement. - even though the per capita on each country immigration didn’t change because more
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Final Review - 1. After 1990, a greater number of people...

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