Immigration Act of 1965

Immigration Act of 1965 - 9-27-10Immigration Act of...

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Unformatted text preview: 9-27-10Immigration Act of 1965Race and Nation in the U.S. after WWIII.Some Democratic TheoryA. Sharing Sovereignty importance of citizenship-Women (had no vote)-Native Americans (could only vote if they practiced Christianity)-Africans (seen as property; no vote)-White (male) Anglo Saxon Protestants (W.A.S.P.)II. Suspect Whites and ImmigrantsA. People from Europe who were white but not yet considered good enough to be American citizens-Ex. Jews, Irish, Germans, poor peopleB. Irish caricatures (pictures/comics), late 19thcentury and the solution of moving whites to west and southIII. Race and NationA. Chinese Exclusion in California, 1844-1882B. Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882-Laborers and merchantsC. Principle of exclusion against Asians-Japanese migration and the Gentlemans Agreement of 1907-The Tydings-McDuffie Act of 1954a) Filipino independence and Filipino Exclusionb) The Filipino Repatriation Act of 1935IV.Closing the DoorA. The Immigration Acts of 1917, 1921 and 1924-An unadulterated American Race and the exclusion of worthless race types-The exclusion of Southern and Eastern Europeans-Asians as non-whites; Asian immigrants would not be allowed to naturalize into American citizenship until 1952V. White Supremacy as Political MovementV....
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Immigration Act of 1965 - 9-27-10Immigration Act of...

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