Midterm Review 2

Midterm Review 2 - Please explain the theory of segmented...

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Please explain the theory of segmented assimilation, as this appears in Professor Min Zhou's article about Asian and other immigrants to the United States after 1965. - Segmented Assimilation is a way of explaining how immigrants adapt to the U.S. right after they come by living in areas of similar ethnicity which in turn allows them to practice their same culture and beliefs - Immigrants tended to live in ethnic Chinatowns in order to retain their culture and help them gradually become accepted into the host society. They choose to retain their culture while also seeking a higher education and resources that are not normally available to them in their home countries. - Is to better adapt to their new surroundings, with a base of comfort ability. I - In Monterey California Chinese immigrants were using their increasing population and economic power to challenge the traditional white council by voting for their own Chinese elected candidates to run for office. For example Judy Chu was elected mayor of Monterey Park due to the help of the Chinese population - Segmented assimilation is important because it gives immigrants the opportunity to excel or not excel in society economically, politically and socially through the support of their own individual ethnic enclaves. Please give at least two examples of "cultural defenses" those defendants in criminal cases have proposed to limit criminal liability when they've been prosecuted for having committed crimes. In your discussion, please explain whether this "defense" was or wasn't successful in limiting or mitigating criminal liability. A. Bui (Montgomery, Alabama, 1986) Infidelity, triple murder of his own
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Midterm Review 2 - Please explain the theory of segmented...

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