Midterm Review

Midterm Review - P lease explain the central arguments in...

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Please explain the central arguments in favor of the United States in the majority opinion in Chae Chan Ping v. United States (1889) - Originally a war between England and China who made a peace treaty. Britain teamed up with U.S. to help keep authority - Treaty stated that all people from U.S. or Britain would be treated as citizens in china and vice versa; however this was never the case as they received scrutiny - The gold rush in 1848 caused a great number of Chinese laborers to immigrate to California causing turmoil between U.S. laborers and Chinese laborers in the competition for jobs - Government felt that the Chinese couldn’t / wouldn’t assimilate into American culture; possible threats - Eventually passed a law that U.S. citizens must present a certificate when returning to the U.S. from China - For this case Chae Chan Ping who had lived in San Francisco, and had a certificate to return, sailed back from China to the U.S. from September 7 - October 8, 1888 and was denied re- entry - The act amended on Oct. 1, 1888 stated that Chinese need to either stay or leave because they aren’t letting anymore Chinese in after this date. (Uh-oh) Thus the former treaties were repealed Several prominent scholars have argued that the Immigration Act of 1965 was an "unintended reform," and that it had "unintended consequences." Please explain what they mean by this argument, especially with respect to the demographic consequences of this new rule. -
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Midterm Review - P lease explain the central arguments in...

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