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Syllabus and Overview - -The Act of 1965 as the first...

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American Migration Syllabus and Overview Discussion Malaphone Phommasa [email protected] make sure for subject you write AsAm2 Office hours: Wednesday 10-12 pm HSSB 5032 Midterm 3 Questions but you choose 2 to write about Know the main points not all the details What happened and what was the outcome Graded on your ANALYSIS On gaucho space to get to the hardcopies Username: Henry Password: Yang Immigration Act of 1965 Origin of federal immigration rules - white supremacy in American republic - slaves, Native Americans, “suspect whites” and Asians
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Unformatted text preview: -The Act of 1965 as the first “race neutral” immigration law Post Colonial Migrations-American Expansion, American Empire-U.S. in Asia since 1898-The Phillipines, Japan, Korea, & Southeast Asia-India and China-American foreign policy in the Americas – in Mexico and in the Central American states Multiracial Realities- Adjudicating and managing race-based diversity. Hate crimes; culture and difference; assimilation and acculturation...
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