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Sample Covariance Standard Deviation Correlation Coefficient Sample covariance Coefficient Sample Covariance Standard Deviation of x Standard Deviation of y Counting Rule Intersection Law Conditional Probability Union Law Bayes theorem Number of experimental outcomes providing exactly x success in n trials Binomial Probability function Variance for the Binomial Distribution Hypergeometric Probability function Converting to Standard Normal Random Variable Standard Deviation of x: Standard Deviation of x: Finite Population Interval Estimate of a Population Mean: σ Known Interval Estimate of a Population Mean: σ Unknown Test Statistic for Hypothesis Tests About a Population Mean: σ Known
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Unformatted text preview: Test Statistic for Hypothesis Tests About a Population Mean: Unknown Simple Linear Regression Model Simple Linear Regression Equation Estimated Linear Regression Equation Slope and y-intercept for the Estimated Regression Equation Sum of Squares Due to Error-SSE Total Sum of Squares-SSR Sum of Squares Due to Regression-SSR Relationship among SST, SSR,& SSE Coefficient of Determination Sample Correlation Coefficient Mean Square Error (estimate of ^2) Standard Error of the Estimate Standard Deviation of b t Test Statistic Mean Square Regression F Test Statistic Estimated Standard Deviation of Confidence Interval for E(y )...
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