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1 Structure for Thought (Option B Prompt) Elliot Waniek Every structure that is built has an underlying meaning to it that makes it individual and unique to architecture. Although time goes on and changes in cultures occur, architecture is a form that stays with us through the course of time. Due to the fact that architecture is a solid form, societies over time have exemplified characteristics of their cultures’ styles and beliefs into distinct forms in order for the human race to categorize these certain features as a part of that certain culture. It is with these certain characteristics of architecture that help people make a timeline of the evolution of design and form in structures throughout the world. However, it is these designs that give them an identity as to what purpose they were trying to serve through the structure. When people refer to a structure of “architecture of remembrance,” they are trying to express the buildings’ features as a breakthrough of architecture of the time that will leave their imprint on society. Through such structures as the Arc de Triomph, which commemorates a national military victory, and the Great Stupa of Sanchi, which depicts a religious identity of Buddhism, these cultures were able to not only exemplify a unique design of their culture, but also how the structure references various meanings including commemorating people. For apparent reasons every culture had different priorities in regards to how they wanted to express architecture in reflecting their society. For Napoleon Bonaparte, a great French military and political leader, it was a way for him to commemorate the French soldiers and his military victories through the construction of the Arc de Triomph. In 1806, after Napoleon’s victory in the War of the Third Collision, Napoleon looked to the Arch of Titus in Rome for
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Essay #1 - 1 Structure for Thought (Option B Prompt) Elliot...

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