Essay #3 - Option B Elliot Waniek The relationship between...

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Option B Elliot Waniek The relationship between nature and architecture can possess multiple purposes. However, the most common and effective incorporations of nature within an architectural structure include the ability to give a sense of tranquility through the layout of gardens and to provide a form of shelter through the structural manipulation of the environment such as the subterranean complexes in Tunisia. As the industrial revolution spurred the mass production of materials derived from such natural elements of water, wind, earth, fire and plants, architects began to design areas utilizing these natural materials to create a picturesque environment. Through the technical placement of such natural materials within an area, a new relationship is created between humans and the environment around them. Strolling through the gardens, each natural material was placed in a specific way in order to be the intended focus of the individual, which as a result created a calm and relaxed atmosphere among the lush landscape. However, even with this placement of materials, in order to create a natural feel, people are merely manipulated by the garden thinking of it as a natural surrounding, when in reality it was specifically designed to look that particular way. In addition, the exploitation of a land’s environment as shelter is in a sense killing nature through a structure’s formation of earth’s landscape. In the next paragraph I will discuss the relationship of how such natural materials as trees, plants, and water are applied to an architectural design in a garden, which as an effect gives a sense of peacefulness. Then, I will further explore how architecture is applied to a natural environment, which creates a social unit with the arrangement of the subterranean complexes in such countries as Tunisia.
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Essay #3 - Option B Elliot Waniek The relationship between...

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