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Theme vs Chronology - Theme versus Chronology Elliot Waniek...

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Theme versus Chronology Elliot Waniek Determining the effectiveness in learning information chronologically compared to thematically will always vary depending on what subject matter is being taught. In a thematically taught course, subjects are taught in relation in a particular theme. For example, in Art History 6F: Survey and Architecture, history is taught by architectural themes based upon structures’ form, purpose, materials and layout. Time plays only a minor factor in such thematical courses, as subjects are grouped from different eras, but at the same time, share common characteristics towards a common theme. In a chronological course, past events are studied and recorded based upon their date of occurrence. For instance, in my American Migration class the events occur in sequence until current day to show the history of what kinds of people were initially in the U.S. and how it ended up with such an ethnically diverse country that we live in today. Although both courses may be organized differently, the true purpose of a history class is to study significant past events in order to prevent the same mistakes and make better decisions to provide a better future. Due to the fact that classes organized thematically jump from one time period to another, courses taught in chronological order give a student a better understanding of how history was developed over time through the sequence of events. People naturally are interested in how certain events occurred and development of it. In a
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Theme vs Chronology - Theme versus Chronology Elliot Waniek...

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