Week 10 - Week10 HumayunsTomb

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Week 10 16:59 Humayun’s Tomb Building materials intended to invoke ideas of paradise o Rivers of water, wine, milk Very much a garden Monumental Organized geometrically Taj Mahal Centralized plan Garden organized geometrically Water grid Used marble o Hard to keep clean Austere landscape Calligraphy around the archway of the structure Images of the nature ornamented on the structure 3 ideas about nature o building in nature o nature on the building nature reduced to an image that is applied to building o afterlife (super-nature)  idea of life somehow persists super-natural cosmology, nature as a system Systems circular system = natural system
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o waste equals food linear system = artificial system o system of industrial revolution o results in landfill concept of obsolescence using materials that are not reusable dyad
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Week 10 - Week10 HumayunsTomb

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