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Dance 45 Midterm Study Guide - Dance 45 Midterm What is...

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Dance 45 Midterm What is history? The study of our past; mostly bias because people in power record it. What is dance? A form of art that uses movement to express or convey emotion and connects us to art, “because we respond cross globally to dance” What is art? A form of self-expression; involves shape, space, time, intensity, power, and energy. It fulfills aesthetic needs and connects us to the artist Basic elements of all dance Space: dance occurs in space and creates it Time: form of measurement/rhythm, beats, sequences Energy: attitude of what you do Flow: how energy is spent/constricted Form/Style: ballet Feeling Dance is without goal, but always with intent (to express yourself) Cultural knowledge Dance differs between cultures, but each share uses for dance Dance is used for education, social reasons, theater, recreation, and expression Ellen Dissanayake Wrote Art and Intimacy which explained that baby talk exists in every culture but differs between them Paleolithic, Old Stone Age 20,000 years ago, hunting and gathering Sympathetic magic Image and reality are the same/representation of truth will become reality Drew an event which would occur Aborigines Displaced peoples with prior or historical ownership of land their distinct traditions and association with land, differentiated in same way from surroundings 1980: Aboriginal Dance in Australia Tribes were able to share religions Always expressive with bodies, people dance with themselves but are part of a group Jiri Kylian Great choreographer of the Netherlands Dance Company 1980: Creates his own contemporary dance while being inspired by the Aboriginals of Australia Thought important because the culture was diminishing Dancing is telling a story o Designs on bodies represent a person’s area and triumph o Every dancer has a physical center that is individual Netherlands Dance Theatre Contemporary dance theater existing since 1959, breaks away from traditional oriented Dutch National Ballet. Focuses on new ideas and experimentation of new forms and techniques of dance Stamping Ground Jiri Kylian choreographed, inspired by aboriginal culture, modern ballet, and roots came from inside the human being Neolithic, New Stone Age 15,000 to 10,000 years ago, hunting and gathering, and animalistic perspectives Totem (totem poles), representation of the spirits of animals Animistic Objects and animals effect people spiritually (need to be appeased)
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Dance 45 Midterm Perspective Cradle of western civilization Mesopotamia-Sumeria 5,000 years ago Invented wheel, writing Advanced bronze work Time: 60 seconds, 60 minutes, 12 months, Zodiac signs Laws protected the underprivileged Sumerians influenced Hebrews, Egyptians, and Greeks 3 basic dance patterns often seen in ancient times Sacred Circle Line Procession Lineage-based cultures and dance A Utilitarian and omnipresent art Dance was used as a mean of worship, a way of expressing and reinforcing tribal unity and strength, communication and a therapeutic experience
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Dance 45 Midterm Study Guide - Dance 45 Midterm What is...

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