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Lecture_3 - Lecture 3 Chapter 1: Structure and...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 3 Chapter 1: Structure and Bonding Electrosta9c Map Poten9als Formal Charge PROBLEM 13 Give each atom the appropriate formal charge: Representa9on of Structure  Drawing Lewis Dot Structures: 1.  2.  3.  4.  Determine # Valence E ­ for each atom Arrange atoms rela>ve to each other Fill electrons on outer atoms to maximum H has 1 bond, if no octet on others form double bond 5.  Assign formal charges, draw resonance Lewis Structures  SO3 1.6 Molecular Orbital Theory  Lewis treats electrons as par>cles  MO Theory treats them as par>cles and waves 1.7 Single Bond Forma9on  The Bonds in Methane Hybridiza9on  75% p character and 25% s character Tetrahedral in Shape 1.8 Double Bond Forma9on Ethylene (Ethene) 1.9 Triple Bond Forma9on Ethyne Methyl Ca9on Methyl Radical Trends: alkanes,alkenes,alkynes  Hybridiza>on:  Bond Angles:  Bond Length:  Bond Strength: pKa and Ph pKa ...
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