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Lecture_5 - Lecture 5 Chapter 2: Nomenclature,...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 5 Chapter 2: Nomenclature, Physical Proper9es, Structure Representa9on Common Name vs. Systema9c Name  Systema(c Name –  IUPAC: Interna(onal Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry –  Because everything can’t have a common name 2.1 Naming Alkyl Subs9tuents  A subs(tuent:  Remove “ane” and replace with “yl” Naming Alkyl Subs9tuents  Common names used when alkanes are subs(tuents: Non Straight Chain Common Naming Different Orienta9on, Same Structure Naming Butyl Subs9tuents  Primary, Secondary, Ter(ary  Use prefix “n” for straight chains Referring to Hydrogens Naming…  Only use prefix “sec” with butyl More Naming…  Only use “tert” with butyl and pentyl Ques9on… Ques9on… Systema9c Naming of Alkanes  Step 1: Determine “parent hydrocarbon” ­ longest con(nuous carbon chain  Step 2: Give subs(tuent lowest number Alkyl Nomenclature  Step 3: If more than one subs(tuent, use lowest numbers. Put subs(tuents in alphabe(cal order though. Step 3 Con9nued…  If more than one of the same subs(tuent, use “di” “tri” “tetra” but they don’t count as alphabe(cal (excep(ons: “iso” and “cyclo”) Step 4  When numbering from either direc(on gives same lowest number for a subs(tuent… consider the next subs(tuent. Step 5  If same number for each subs(tuent, first one in alphabe(cal order gets lowest number Step 6  If two or more chains of same length, choose the one with greatest number of subs(tuents Step 7  Systema(c names preferred to common names for subs(tuents Ques9on  Draw the structure for –  4 ­isobutyl ­2,5 ­dimethyloctane Cycloalkanes  Molecular forumla CnH2n  Add prefix “cyclo” to alkane name ...
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