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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 23 Chapter 8: Subs3tu3on and Elimina3on Diels- Alder Products  Suggest a diene and dienophile that could be used to make these products Chapter 8: Subs3tu3on vs. Elimina3on  Subs5tu5on (nucleophilic):  Elimina5on: How do Alkyl Halides React?  Concerted or Stepwise?  Depends on: –  Structure –  Nucleophile –  Concentra5on –  Solvent Mechanisms  How did they figure out mechanisms? –  Kine5cs  2nd Order Reac5on SN2 Mechanism  Subs5tu5on Nucleophilic Bimolecular –  Rate depends on both –  More steric effects = decreased rate –  At a stereocenter, configura5on is inverted  A concerted reac5on it must be SN2 ...
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