Lecture 0603

Lecture 0603 - Lecture Payment for Environmental Services...

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6/3/10 Business Today o Payment for Environmental Services o Impact Evaluation o Reading 1: “Can payments for environmental services help reduce poverty?” o Reading 2: PRL CH 15 (p. 757-766) Hand in HW 4 Final Exam o Wednesday, June 9, 1-3 PM o Covers material since the midterm o Bring bluebook o Office hours next Tuesday, 2-4 Outline for Today Payment for environmental services: the basics What I did on my spring break Impact evaluation: fundamental FINISH Payment for Environmental Services Payment made for landowners (typically farmers) to manage land in a way that provides environmental services to other people What types of environmental services are we talking about? o Carbon sequestration, maintaining/enhancing bio-diversity, reducing erosion, improving water quality If there are so many benefits, why aren’t farmers already providing these services? o Externalities associated with o Who benefits from these services? o What do we call FINISH Externalities Positive externality: a benefit that accrues to society but is not captured by producers (farmers) o Examples: goods w/ positive externalities are under-produced relative to the socially efficient level Negative externality: a cost that is born by society but not by the producer (farmer) Why do externalities exist? To think about this, let’s think about general categories of goods that exist
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Lecture 0603 - Lecture Payment for Environmental Services...

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