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anthro 131 exam 1st - 8) In Ulrich Becks Politics in...

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8) In Ulrich Beck’s “Politics in Society,” he claims that contemporary threats are “produced industrially, externalized economically, individualized juridically, legitimized scientifically, and minimized politically.” The vinyl chloride monomer industry and polyvinyl chloride industries, otherwise known as VCM and PVC respectively, are concrete examples as to how industries such as these can manipulate their product information accordingly to the techniques that Beck alludes to. Because vinyl chloride monomer and polyvinyl chloride were produced in factories, many of the diseases and symptoms were found in the workers who were exposed to the highest dosages. The industries’ toxic level of volume (TLV) was predetermined, but a study soon revealed that TCM was “far more toxic than was believed.” This study exposed rabbits to 200 ppm, which caused micro-pathological changes in its livers. After conducting this experiment, researchers set the TLV to 50 ppm, which would not induce any bodily harm. But the industries
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anthro 131 exam 1st - 8) In Ulrich Becks Politics in...

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