EssayExamI Anthro 131

EssayExamI Anthro 131 - A NT 131 Fall Quarter 2010...

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Unformatted text preview: A NT 131 Fall Quarter 2010 Take-Home Essay Exam I 1. I t is February 1999. You are an internationally renown journalist. A chief editor with the New York Times recently commissioned you to wri te a story for the Sunday Magazine on t he aftermath of the 1984 explosion of a Union Carbide plant in B hopal. In 1989, the Indian Supreme Court reached an out-ofcourt agreement with Union Carbide to settle the case. Your assignment is to wri te a critical essay assessing the situation on t he ten-year anniversary of the settlement. You agreed to take on the assignment because your interest was piqued when the chief editor gave you a poem wri t ten by a 22-year woman who had been severely affected to the leaked gas. As part of your research, you have arranged to meet this young woman during your investigative research in India. Upon arriving in Bhopal you learn, however, that she has died. Her father delivered a note she had wri t ten to you: “‘Better Living Through Chemistry’ has been a deadly affair. Where among all the people and issues can the Bhopal disaster be located? At what time did the d isaster occur?” For your exam, wri te that critical essay to be published in the New York Times Sunday Magazine. Your essay m ust t ake into consideration the perspectives of the corporation, the Indian state, and local people. Good critical journalism sustains the tension, ambivalence, and uncertainty within and between views, though may a lso hint at sympathies. Remember, essays are to be four pages (double-spaced, 12 point font, 1 i nch margins). EXAM DUE N ovember 1st (AT THE B EGINN ING O F CLASS) P lease do not ask for an extension… unless there are family or health concerns. ...
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EssayExamI Anthro 131 - A NT 131 Fall Quarter 2010...

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