DOC 3 Notes Part 1

DOC 3 Notes Part 1 - 1. Monday 3/28/11 a. Imagination....

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1. Monday 3/28/11 a. Imagination. Image, representation. Imago, last stage. b. Translation and interpretation. 2. Wednesday 3/30/11 a. Interpreting and Transforming Culture through Imaginative Acts i. Godzilla. Useless …. Japanese dudes after WW2 ii. THEM, more! #@ about ants, apparently all related back to the damn Japanese and the nuclear bombs… they are traumatized. .. 1. Imaging monsters to be Americans? < iii. Women in the window. 1. Tail-end of the Great Depression Era, and a Black woman < fail a. Pose for a restaurant and cook meals in public, Fried Chicken… b. Dress in stereotypical southern styles, purple skirt. White people’s fantasies of how southern blacks should look like! c. Mrs. Jackson is being paid a lot for this job in comparison to everyone else. d. The motive of Romona Lowe? i. She’s not trying to tell u what to think, we have to make sense by taking what she’s doing and trying to represent, by our own interpretation. e. Betye Saar, The Liberation of Aunt Jemina f. The Family of Man, Edward Steinken… picture gallery originally. i. Making peace and utopia, creating peace among men, ii. Universal humanity, everyone friends yay iii. Large format photos, from across the world
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g. The Great Family of Man ^ apparently related. i.
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DOC 3 Notes Part 1 - 1. Monday 3/28/11 a. Imagination....

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